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Who are we?

We are Andres and Ashita, a regular backpacker couple that has been together for almost two years now. Andres is from Italy and I’m from Argentina. We met at a hostel thanks to a common friend when we were both backpacking in Colombia. Together, we gave birth to Maps and Words. If you want to know more about us, click on our about us page.

How do we support our travels?

That’s actually a complex question! Andres is a freelance web developer, so he works while we travel. Besides, he has impressive cooking abilities, – lucky me! – so he has managed to find jobs in a lot of places as a chef.
I started my South American adventure with a budget close to zero, so I always try to work on every place I visit. I often work as a bartender, waitress, or receptionist in hostels and bars. Recently, I started my career as a freelance content writer, subtitler, and translator.
Also, we both volunteer a lot to make our money lasts longer.

How long have we been traveling?

Andres has been traveling for over two years now. He left Italy in May 2018 and started his journey in Mexico. From there, he has visited almost every country in Central and South America.
I have been traveling for over five years now. I started my adventure in 2015, working on a cruise ship for almost six months. After that, I have been moving around in South America always carrying my backpack.

Why did we create Maps and Words?

We love to travel! And as most travelers in the world, we love telling stories about our adventures.
Both of us struggled for a little with the decision of leaving everything at first. And yes, we noticed it was a lot easier after we just went for it.
So we decided to create Maps and Words to get in touch with fellow backpackers and to encourage those still struggling to take the leap.

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